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30 Days Gratitude Challenge

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

30 Days of gratitude that will change your life.

30 days of gratefulness
Gratitude journal challenge

What is the 30 Days Gratitude Challenge?

To accomplished this 30 day challenge, for each day at night you have to think about the 3 thinks that you were more grateful for that day and write them down, but you can't repeat any gratitude for the 30 days. This gratitudes, can be persons(friends, brothers, parents, teachers, etc.), things(shoes, bed, food, house etc.), or any thing you feel grateful, what is importan is that you don't repeat any , so by the end you will have 90 gratitudes, and you will appreciate more your life and all things and person that are par of it.

Why to do It?

With our daily routines, we take very few time to think and reflect about our lives, the idea of this challenge is to be more thoughtful of our lives and take a time to appreciate what we have.

The benefits of being more grateful are a lot, but the most important thinks is they help us to be more happy, by improving our self esteem and mental health, it also helps us improve our relationships by being more empathic. If you want to learn more about the scientific fact of being more grateful i leave you this article of Amy Morin "7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude".

How To Do it?

It is very simple to accomplish this challenge all you have to do is take a brief period of time each day to think about your gratitude and write them down, we recommend it on the night but it can be at any moment of your day, the idea is to do it at the same time so it becomes a personal time and later on a habit.

To Write down your gratitudes you can do it on a book, a notebook or diary, theres also a los of new app to do it in your phone or tablet, but we personally recommend you to do it in our very own app My Daily Gratitude, this is a gratitude journal where you can keep count of all the things you are grateful, read more about it in our homepage or download it on the Appstore.

If you prefer notebooks this are our recommendations.

So What are you waiting for?

Start this Challenge Today and become more grateful.

grateful challenge
30 days of gratefulness

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