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The 5 Rules To Keep a Gratitude Journal

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We present you our 5 Rules To make the most out of your gratitude journal.

Rules To Keep a Gratitude Journal

1. Avoid repetition

  • This is the most important rule, try to write about different things or from different perspectives. The Idea of the journal is to reflect about all the thinks you have to be grateful for, repeating will avoid you too look beyond the obvious.

2. Be Specific

  • Elaborate about the thinks you feel grateful for, Why do you feel Grateful?, How does it make you feel?, Why are you grateful?, be specific don’t just mention it.

3. Be Personal

  • Write personal messages, write about the most important thinks to you, write about your feeling, write more about people. This will help you be more grateful.

4. Write about the little things, the unexpected

  • Write about the little thinks you enjoy of the day, write about the surprises, the new thinks, the thinks you weren’t expecting, those are the ones to help you me more grateful on your daily life.

5. Make it a Habit

  • Try to do it constantly, choose a specific time of the day, or If you want to do it once a week choose a specific day. Constancy is what will help you become more grateful and happy with your life.

Starting a Gratitude Journal

We recommend you to start with the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, it a great way to begin making this activity a habit, learn more about here.

Learn more about Gratitude Journals here.

Download our own Gratitude Journal App, My Daily Gratitude on the Appstore.

Gratitude Journal Rules
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