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Why Start a Gratitude Journal?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

A Gratitude Journal is a Daily Activity that will help you improve your happiness.

Importance of a Gratitude Journal

What is a Gratitud Journal?

A Gratitude Journal is the habit of reflecting on a daily basis about the things you were grateful for that day and keeping a record of them. It can be anything you feel grateful for, a person, a thing, food, about yourself, etc.

The recommended is 3 gratitudes per day, but it is okay if it is 1 or 5 the important think is to take the time to ponder and write about it.

Benefit of a Gratitude Journal

Why Start One?:

People that are more Grateful with their lives improve their self esteem, their relationships, and psychological health.

This helps people become happier and reduce depressive symptoms.

Benefits of a Gratitude Journal:

  1. Become more Grateful

  2. Become more Reflective

  3. Improve Self Esteem

  4. Become more Empathic

  5. Improve your Relationships

  6. Appreciate more your life

  7. Reduce depressive symptoms

  8. Become Happier

How to Start?

We recommend you to start with the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, it a great way to begin making this activity a habit, learn more about here.

Where to do it?

To Write down your gratitudes you can do it on a book, a notebook or diary, theres also a los of new app to do it in your phone or tablet, but we personally recommend you to do it in our very own app My Daily Gratitude, this is a gratitude journal where you can keep count of all the things you are grateful, read more about it in our homepage or download it on the Appstore.

If you prefer notebooks this are our recommendations.

Starting a Gratitude Journal

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