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Tips for keeping a gratitude journal

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We present you the tips to keep your gratitude journal, the best way.

Gratitude Journal Best Tips

The 10 best tips for keeping a gratitude Journal

  1. Avoid repetition.

  2. Elaborate in detail, be Specific.

  3. Write personal messages.

  4. Mention unique events.

  5. Make it a Habit.

  6. Change your perspective, write from different points of view.

  7. Be grateful for the good decisions you make or problem you avoid.

  8. Go simple, don't overthink. (My Shoes, My mom, Tacos).

  9. Write about the little things, that will make it more special.

  10. Enjoy while doing it, have fun!

Starting a Gratitude Journal

We recommend you to start with the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, it a great way to begin making this activity a habit, learn more about here.

Learn more about Gratitude Journals here.

Download our own Gratitude Journal App, My Daily Gratitude on the Appstore.

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